Jazzlab Deflector PRO

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Dettagli del prodotto

Jazzlab Deflector PRO, suitable for trumpet, trombone, bari, tenor alto and soprano saxophone (straight and curved), ideal for practicing at home, can be mounted to the instrument in a few seconds, very effective when playing in the band, conducts the sound from the instrument directly to the ears of the player, articulation and dynamics is much easier with the Deflector, because you can hear a lot better, the player hears exactly the sound that the listener hears, including clip made of fiber-reinforced high-strength plastic, mirror TRP for trumpet and straight soprano saxophone made of fiber-reinforced high-strength plastic, mirror TRB for trombone, mirror SAX for bari, tenor, alto and curved soprano Saxophone made of transparent polycarbonate, bag, metal parts are made of polished brass and stainless steel, interfaces to the instrument are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), weight depending on instrument between 55g and 80g

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