Jupiter JAS700Q-SCS Alto Sax

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Dettagli del prodotto

Eb Alto Saxophone Set

  • Brass body and mechanism
  • High F # flap
  • Adjustable thumb hook made of plastic
  • C # - Bb Rocker for a more comfortable way of playing
  • Adjustable stop felts in the flap baskets prevent intonation weaknesses
  • Blue steel springs for a precise reaction of the flaps
  • Easy to maintain, removable bell
  • Side flaps ("palm keys") are adjustable on each hand
  • Gold lacquered
  • Includes mouthpiece
  • Includes Jupiter light case with ergonomic rucksack straps
  • Includes SaxCoachSet consisting of: pop saxophone school plus play-along-CD, KORG TM-50TR voice analysis tuner, Jupiter multi-quinzi and fingering board poster plus basic exercises
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