Great modul with endless possibities

Mutable instruments Warps Meta-modulator opinion

The modulation capabilities between two signals with Warps are endless.

Both with external input and with the internal oscillator. All the algorithms are really fun to experiment with. From the cross fade to the vocoder.

Pros: construction, multI purpose, factory calibration.

Contras: complex behavior with the differents algorithms

In the very first use you must familiarize with LEVEL inputs 1&2 and theirs knobs controls to adjust the effective amplitude levels of the external carrier and modulator respectively.

The TIMBRE cv is very useful and ALGO cv very fun to experiment with.

The algorithms you can smoothly switch across with big knob are:

Crossfade, cross folding , diode ring-modulation, digital ring- modulation, exclusive-or modulation, comparison and rectification and vocoder.

The internal oscillator has six differents waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth for the former, sawtooth, pulse and low-pass filtered noise for the latter.

The AUX external output is useful if you need to use the raw signal of the internal oscillator.


Great modulation module with a lot of possibilities.

If this is not sufficient you may experiment with the no official "parasite" firmware. This firmware increase the number of algorithms and the original functionality stay untouched.

I hope this opinion may be useful.