NANO Modules MAR

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Dettagli del prodotto

Eurorack Module

  • Analogue dual mixer
  • MAR offers 2 independent mixers in one module
  • Mixer X with 4 inputs and volume control per channel
  • Normal (X+) and inverted output (X-) available
  • Mixer Y sums up 4 inputs to a common sum knob
  • Outputs for Y and X+Y available
  • Output of Mixer X can be normalised to Mixer Y
  • Processes audio, CV, trigger and gate signals
  • Noise-free audio quality with high headroom
  • All controllers with logarithmic characteristic curve
  • Power requirements: +20 mA (+12 V) / -20 mA (-12 V)
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 20 mm

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