Paiste 17" Signature Power Crash

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Paiste Signature Line

17" Power Crash Cymbal

En route to the optimal cymbal sound, a special Paiste sound alloy from patented bronze was developed for the Signature Series. The results are cymbals that have been gaining recognition since their introduction in 1989, and have proven themselves both in the studio and live. The sound has a high degree of expressiveness and can be simultaneously described as delicate, transparent, warm and yet vivid.

The Power Crash is the heaviest crash cymbal of the Signature Line, offering the strongest crash sound, as well as the longest sustain. All in all, higher in the pitch and well suited for loud situations where projection is needed.

  • A very bright, full, and high-frequency crash
  • Quick response with a long and swelling sustain
  • Extremely assertive crash
  • Ideal for those who are looking for a loud, cutting crash cymbal with a clear and lingering die out
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