Roland TD-27KV V-Drum Set

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Dettagli del prodotto

Electric Drum Set

  • V-Drums
  • 728 Sounds
  • 55 Preset Kits
  • 45 User kits
  • Prismatic Sound Modeling technology
  • Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for the direct and wireless streaming of music from your smartphone or MIDI to compatible devices
  • Sample reverb (IR) puts very realistic room reverbs at your fingertips
  • Up to 500 WAV samples can be imported (max. length of 24 minutes mono)
  • Quick record
  • SD card slot (SDHC compatible)
  • Multi-pin connector (trigger input) for 8 pads
  • 4x 6.3 mm Jack trigger inputs for additional pads
  • 3x Digital trigger inputs for Roland digital drum pads with multi-sensor technology
  • 2x 6.3 mm Jack main outputs
  • 2x 6.3 mm Jack direct outputs
  • 6.3 mm Jack headphone output
  • 3.5 mm Stereo jack mix input
  • 6.3 mm Jack footswitch input
  • MIDI Input/Output
  • USB Type B connector for USB audio and USB MIDI
  • Includes cables and power supply unit

Set configuration:

  • 1x PD-140DS 14" Digital mesh head snare drum pad
  • 3x 10" Two-zone PDX-100 tom pad
  • 1x 10" KD-10 Bass drum mesh head pad
  • 1x Two-zone VH-10 hi-hat pad and controller
  • 1x 12" Two-zone CY-12 crash, including stop function
  • 1x 13" Three-zone CY-13R crash/ride pad
  • 1x CY-18DR 18" Digital ride cymbal pad
  • MDS-STD2 Drum rack

Note: Bass drum pedal, hi-hat machine, drum throne and sticks are not included.



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