Schott Saxophon Spielen Hobby A-Sax 2

€ 32 Inclusa IVA, spese di spedizione a parte
Consegna prevista indicativamente tra il Mer, 4. Novembre e il Gio, 5. Novembre

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This saxophone school is suitable for teaching and self-study and is aimed at young people and adults who want to learn to play saxophone with fun and success. The main aim of this practice is to learn the instrument playfully and with pleasure. The focus is therefore on well-known songs - long-winded explanations and dry exercises are avoided. All learning contents are wrapped up in attractive songs and pieces, which with the live playbacks sounds right from the start. This makes practicing fun! Again a successful instrumental school in the well-known "Hobby Series".

  • For alto sax
  • The modern school for youth and adults
  • With CD

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