Yanagisawa A-WO37 PG Elite Alto Sax

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Alto Saxophone

  • Eb tuning
  • Neck, body and bell in sterling silver
  • Hand-engraved
  • High F# key
  • Plastic coated octave rocker
  • C#-Bb seesaw
  • B-C#seesaw
  • Adjustable vibration-damping bar
  • Real mother of pearl inserts
  • Metal thumb rest and thumb hook
  • Sealed, water-repellent pads
  • Metal resonators
  • Double-arm keys
  • Three point bell-bow brace
  • Pink gold plated
  • Case with backpack and outer pocket
  • Ebonite mouthpiece
  • Mellow yet powerful tone combined with a rich command of depth and color
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