bam ET7001XLVT Hightech Bow Case

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bam ET7001XLVT L'Etoile Hightech Bow Case for 6 violin, viola or cello bows, 6 dedicated slots for violin, viola or cello bows, real cow leather handsewn on the top shell, lower shell in brushed aluminum look, shells made of the bam hightech technique : a tripleply structure made of high performance materials (ABS, Airex foam, another type of ABS), outstanding protection and ultralight weight, comfortable bimaterial side handle, 2 built-in locks, male/female airtight seal, 1 comfortable neoprene antislip backpack strap with security screw hooks, inside dimensions: 77x12,5x4cm, outside dimensions: 80x15,5x7cm, weight: ca. 1,35kg, color: violet.


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