EWOton Verlag Ernst Mosch - Mein Leben

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  • Ernst Mosch and his original Egerländer musicians: My life - the music
  • Exclusive picture biography about the king of brass music
  • Written by Georg Ried (moderator Bayerischer Rundfunk) Elmar Wolf (musician, producer, partner and closest confidant of Ernst Mosch)
  • All stages of his life: Childhood, education, jazz trombonist, orchestra Erwin Lehn, founding of the Egerländer, world successes of the original Egerländer in word and picture
  • Over 300 pictures - mostly from private archives
  • Illustrations of all phonograms from 1956 to 1998
  • All orchestra members of the original Egerländer until 1998
  • History, music and culture of Cheb
  • 200 Pages
  • Format: 25 x 21 cm
  • Hardback edition
  • ISBN: 3-9806971-0-X
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