For recording with a large diaphragm condenser microphone around 500 gram

Putting it togheter is straight forward.

Make sure you tighten stuff pay attention to the top nut at the join the t shape point. the silver chrome ones you got two of them.

Later on if you turn the stand allot it will unscrew there.

The use for a electric guitar amp in my case i m happy my amp is high up.

In lower spots the mic wil slowly come down if the spread of the weight is not arround the middle with my setup 500 grams mic with some cable well maybe its me and i have to twist and work the handles for tightning up harder im totally used on more like foto tripods.

Overal im happy with the stand not to painfull for my toes nice rubber ends on the legs ends.

Its a nice looking stand and i use it allot to put on my hat or headphones on the other side since the mic is in a down pointed position in my senario.