Mildly flawed but worth every penny

Let me start by saying I am most pleased with this microphone stand and it's been an absolute pleasure working with it. Let's face it, it's dirtcheap and 100% functional.

Then why no 5 stars? Well, I suppose you get what you pay for and in my experience the clamp in which you tighten your screw for the horizontal axis broke. Granted I put some strain on it but I had to in order to balance my AT-2020 microphone -which in all fairness was hanging all the way out. Still, if the clamp would've been made of metal or even just had a metal coating this wouldn't have happened.

Do I blame the stand? Well.. not so much. I realised I was pushing it's limits and after all it's an entry level stand which does deliver for what it is.. And more!

So, it's a great stand with an option to attach a second mic but since it consists of several plastic parts it has a limit to which you can abuse it. Then again, for 95% of the scenarios it's superb and worth every penny.