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Piano Book 1The Rico Piano School is a path specially designed for young beginners (children aged 6 or over): it is divided into 3 levels; Each stage consists of three books (the main textbook, a expansion book (Rico's Workshop 3) and complementary pieces (Ricos Concerto 3).

All three books are used parallel to one another. Due to its flexible construction, the different learning objectives can be worked out in several different ways. This way the teacher receives variable material that can be adapted to each respective teaching situation and individual needs of the student. On one hand, there is enough material available for each student; on the other hand, not every student has to play every piece from "Rico's concert".

You can request the detailed teacher information free of charge from the entire teaching concept.

  • By Carol and Walter Noona for children from 6 years
  • With Rico, the happy fantasy bird as a trusty companion
  • Thoroughly reviewed, translated and edited by Günter Kaluza
  • With amusing illustrations by Reiner Stolte

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