Schott Doflein Geigen-Schulwerk 1a

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Study book for playing the violin

Note: book is in the German language

  • Extended edition
  • Volume 1a
  • A study of violin techniques combined with music teaching and the practice of ensemble playing

Content includes:

  • The bow
  • The bow hold
  • Lines on blank pages
  • Music in five notes - the first style of grip
  • Music in six notes - 3/4 time
  • Music in 8 notes
  • Quavers
  • What's new in the first style of grip
  • The second style of grip
  • Combining the first with the second style of grip
  • The dotted crotchet
  • The third style of grip - concerning semitones from the 1st to the 2nd finger
  • Combining the third with the first style of grip
  • The fourth style of grip - semitones from an open string relating to the first finger
  • Music in minor
  • Dances, songs and duets of various kinds
  • Appendix: technical exercises and scales

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