Schott Saxophone Sight Reading 1

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  • For sheet-playing on the saxophone
  • A refreshingly new method
  • An approach to playing from the sheet, based on self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns
  • Original tunes instead of abstract off-peg playing exercises
  • 154 Gradually increasing pieces of music in a variety of musical styles
  • Seven chapters dealing with the technical development of the saxophonist, ranging from melodies with only three notes to pieces with a range of two octaves
  • From c1 to c3
  • Each chapter ends with duets and accompanied pieces to practice off-the-sheet playing in interaction with others
  • Includes accompanying pieces for alto and tenor saxophone
  • The melodies increase up to keys with two Bs or three crosses
  • Easy to intermediate
  • In German, French and English

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