Very thick, excellent quality, good price.

This cable is thick and heavy duty. Both the diameter of the core and the overall diameter are relatively thick, which is a sign of excellent quality, but it also means that it isn?t suitable for every goal. I do recommend using it with Neutrik plugs for making cables to go from you guitar to your pedalboard and pedalboard to amp. It is excellent for this! You don?t have to be afraid that you will break this cable when you stand on it.

I don?t recommend this for patch cables though. It is better to use a thinner cable for that. The Spirit is not very flexible and I had a really hard time squeezing it into the Hicon pancake plugs because of its thickness. It?s really a bad match for those plugs.

The quality of both construction and sound is excellent for this cable and the price is also very good. I would definitely buy this again over different cables if I would need a new guitar cable.