Sonor SQ2 Set Studio Scand. Birch II

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Sonor SQ2 Shell Set Maple Studio Scandinavian Birch II

  • 100% Maple Shell
  • Colour: Scandinavian Birch (veneer, high gloss finish)
  • Shell Set consisting of: 20" x16" Bass drum (medium) with matching hoops, 10" x 08" tom tom, 12 "x 08" tom tom (vintage), 14" x 13" floor tom (vintage), chrome hardware, thumbscrews for bass drum, square screws for toms and stand tom
  • Medium white roughened batter heads and medium clear resonance heads for toms
  • Batter head (bass drum): Power, transparent
  • Resonance head: Powerstroke 3 natural with Sonor logo and Sonor SQ2 logo
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