AMA Verlag Kumlehn Neue Gitarrenbuch

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The New Guiitar BookJürgen Kumlehn is an old dog in the guitar book series. Very few authors can boast such a diverse and high-quality portfolio as his.

The "New Guitarbook" by Ama publishing house is a modern acoustic guitar instructional book, with which beginners can learn the guitar from scratch without having to go through "unwanted" " classics of the traditional guitar learning process.

To escape typical guitar literature, Kumlehn has succeeded in presenting all the popular playing techniques by means of popular songs and imparting the theoretical background in an entertaining and didactic way. The included CD contains professional audio examples of the presented songs and also has its place in any player's CD collection "without the book" !

  • The modern instructional guitar book from the beginning
  • With all the gameplay techniques and many popular songs
  • By Jürgen Kumlehn
  • 168 pages
  • Including CD
  • Completely revised edition

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