Bosworth Gitarre Spielen Lena & Tom 2

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Guitar Book

  • Guitar playing with Lena & Tom Band 2
  • By Andreas Schumann
  • Reissue - fully revised and expanded edition of the textbook series for classical guitar for children aged from 8 years
  • Especially the graphics and notes set have been completely redesigned to improve the clarity and structure
  • The educational concept was also revised and new games were added
  • The book can be used in the individual as well as group lessons, the methodological concept is based on extensive experience in teaching practice
  • Through small learning steps the student is introduced to read music
  • Various techniques are systematically developed through exercises and small pieces
  • Chord play is introduced with simple fingering and picked accompaniments brings variety and encourages motivation
  • Introduction to the second position, three-and four-voice game (also with chord-decompositions)
  • Note:German Language

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