Carl Martin Plexitone

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Ground effect device

A pedal that delivers the legendary and unmatched sound of the early Plexis? Don't we all want that? There are always attempts in this direction. The Carl Martin Plexitone does the job and sounds really very authentic, and it offers the classic not only with a crunch channel, but also with a HiGain channel; an endeavour that can only be done with several pedals using the originals.

Also included is a Clean Boost, with which you can spur your amp without Plexi. Altogether not a bargain, but compared to an old Plexi it's a real gift (and in contrast to it also enjoyable at civilian volumes!).

  • High gain variant of an Overdrive
  • With 3 functions
  • +20 dB Boost
  • Controls for boost, level, tone, gain and crunch
  • Switch for Boost, Drive and Select
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (not included)

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