De Haske Schule für Drum Set Bd. 2

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In his school for drum kits, Gert Bomhof focuses on three essential elements of drum kit playing: timing, technique, and tone. Young drummers are first acquainted with the basic techniques and rules for playing the drum kit, but the emphasis here is not only on technical mastery but also expression. In the first volume, instruments are presented one after the other, then the individual components (or building blocks) of rhythms, and lastly in combinations of different rhythmic patterns. In volume 2, many new rhythms are introduced in turn to the player. In specially developed technical exercises, new rhythms and elements are worked out step by step. In both volumes, new rhythm and technical elements are followed by fun solos and drum kit duets, in which the already learnt material can be put into practise and the musical expression developed. The learning material is futher complemented by CDs with exercises and pieces for listening and playing along to.

  • Drumming school for advanced students
  • Styles: technical and solos
  • Incl. CDs

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