De Haske Schule Für Snare Drum Vol 1

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Music Book

Tom the drummer accompanied young beginners through all three volumes of the school for snare drum. In the first volume you can read about the proper body posture, drum-stick position, notes, initial simple techniques and rhythms and simple pieces for one or two players, everything step by step. The second volume builds on the successful combination of so-called "Technos" (containing new rhythms and techniques) and solo/ensemble pieces. In addition to that, the idea of "hear, watch and play" will introduce students to a casual and creative play. The brand new third volume continues the familiar structure of volume 2. There are plenty of accent and vertebral exercises, the most important rudiments are shown, new beats are introduced and improvised. With school for snare drum coordination of timing, technique and sound is soon no longer a problem!

  • Solo- and teaching literature, ensembles with similar instruments
  • Contents for single- and group-lessons
  • By Gert Bomhof

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