Emedia Le Chant pour les Nuls - Mac

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Interactive learning software (Download)

  • Fast, easy and step by step to impressive results when singing with over 80 lessons
  • High-resolution videos, live audio recordings and MIDI tracks that can be adjusted in tempo, as accompaniment for the included songs and exercises
  • Easy-to-understand lessons on the right voice and posture, use of the abdominal muscles, forms of letters and syllables, vocal technique and voice development as well as singing in time and correct pitch, etc.
  • Interactive feedback with correct pitch control
  • Personalized evaluations document the learning progress
  • Includes metronome as well as recording function
  • Over 30 videos and 35 songs
  • Language version: French


  • System requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 - 10.14, microphone, internet connection

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