EMG JH "HET" Set F-Spaced C

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Pickup Set for Electric Guitar

  • James Hetfield (Metallica) signature set
  • Construction: Humbucker
  • The James Hetfield signature set captures the clarity and punch of a passive pickup while maintaining the well-known "active" tone.
  • They were designed according to the pickups James Hetfield has been using for 30 years. More power and a fuller low-end at the neck position, tight attack with less inductance for a cleaner bass at the bridge.
  • F-Spaced
  • Connections: Solderless
  • Magnet material: Ceramics
  • Cap colour: Chrome
  • Made in USA

Set of EMG's exclusive solderless installation system contains:

  • 2x 25k Volume potentiometer
  • 2x 25k Tone potentiometers (potentiometer shaft length: 10 mm
  • Battery bus
  • Stereo output socket
  • 2x Pickup In/Out bus
  • 2x Pairs of fixing screws and springs
  • 2x Pickup cables
  • 4x Connection cables
  • Output cable
  • Battery cable

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