Hofmann Panflute Masterclass Exzellent

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Hofmann panpipe masterclass Excellent C with 22 pipes, C major, C1-C4, made of finely sorted bamboo, the pipes of this panpipe are made of bamboo as usual, it is a walnut veneer Coated panpipe, the peculiarity lies in this Coating, this cover layer optimizes the vibration behavior of the tubes to transform the sound into a beautiful tone with amazing emotional expressiveness and almost unbelievable fullness and softness, also the optics represents an extraordinary excellence, the carefully selected wood material makes the panpipe a feast for the eyes, that used walnut veneer creates a beautiful appearance with warm colors, it makes a real pleasure to make music with it, with this model, the quality and performance is taken to a new level, it creates the perfect combination of artistic quality, combined with technical perfection, this panpipe allows to create a rich variety of colors and feelings, made in Germany


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