Klavis Twin Waves

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Eurorack Module

  • Voltage controlled dual VCO / LFO
  • Both oscillators can be used as VCO or LFO
  • Functions VCO mode: V / oct tracking over 10 octaves
  • Through zero and linear FM
  • Sub-octave output
  • Hard and soft synchronisation
  • VCA control and selection of CV algorithms
  • Quantizer with different scales
  • 20 Algorithm based synthesis types such as Wave shaping, phase modulation, additive synthesis
  • Functions in LFO mode: simultaneous signal and trigger outputs, external wave synchronisation
  • Algorithm-based Wave Engine: wave shaping, phase modulation, random levels and vectors
  • Display with contextual icons and help text
  • LEDs for indicating potentiometer / value adjustment, switch settings and output level
  • Automatically saved settings for immediate recall at power up
  • Power requirement: +12 V 46 mA, -12 V 18 mA, +5 V 0 mA
  • Dimensions: 8 HP / HP x 37.4 mm (W x D)

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Asystent sprzedaży: Studio/Synt/Komputer

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