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  • Arrange and produce
  • By Peter Kellert and Markus Fritsch
  • As part of the book series Professional Music, the areas of arranging and producing, improvising, ear training as well as harmony and songwriting are handled as practically as possible and style-independent by the authors
  • Arranging and producing is one of the most interesting areas of music
  • Numerous examples, the compositional techniques, stylistics, instrumental and the Groovelexikon (also on the CD) lead partially oriented to their own and professional arrangement and product
  • The accompaniment CD documents the most important elements of arranging: rhythms (groovy encyclopedia) and typesetting examples; the sound catalog contains basic demos of the instruments
  • Paperback
  • 239 pages
  • ISBN 978-3-928825-22-1, publisher no. LEU22
  • In German language
  • Including CD


  • How does an arranger work?
  • What skills does he have to have?
  • What are the tasks of the producer?
  • What connects both professions in practice?
  • How does an arrangement become a professional production?
  • The basics and techniques of arranging and producing are presented comprehensively

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