I probably could be a Peavey sales person, because I have so much great to say about this thing.

Will try to shorten this review.

Quality - excellent. All the buttons and knobs are firm, have a nice resistant when adjusting. All screws are tight and quality control is great.

Features - Wow wow wow. The EQ possibilities are insane on this thing. It takes a bit of time to get used to quasy-parametric mid EQ, but it does make a difference. From subtle warm of boosted low/low mids, to vintagy, to slap or scooped mids and harsh hi lows for metal. It covers everything without a problem. Boost for Low and for Highs does help in band situations.

Don't use KOSMOS that much, not a big fan of octave effect, and dont need A for smaller cabs, as I run this into 8x10 speakers.

10 different colors for backlight? I switch these every time I turn this thing on. Wow, am I a small child in my heart still.

Unit has almost no weight so it is easy to transport, it comes with a bag, so Its practically like carrying a laptop.

Thanks to Thomann, I bought it with a great discount as well!