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Singing Bowl

  • Bolo special joint bowl
  • A new, complementary generation of singing bowls, developed by Michael Konrath for Nepal Importe
  • A new dimension of diffusion of vibration is unlocked! The even base of this singing bowl is now open
  • The radius of the opening in the base does not reach the outer convex wall of the singing bowl – this way, the inner resonance area stays unchanged and grants the same stable sounds as with an original closed singing bowl
  • The essential contact point of the Bolo singing bowl is the ring around the opening in the base
  • Starting there, the vibration extends into the human body
  • Additionally to the vibrational characteristics known so far, it is now possible in a unique way to have the vibration spread inwardly from the base ring
  • The natural resonance capacity of this singing bowl is enhanced notably by the additional degree of freedom of the expansion of vibration
  • After a time of well-balanced practical experience as a sound massage practitioner is the Bolo singing bowl a valuable addition to the basic singing bowl set
  • Wherever a locally focussed, in-depth effect is needed, for example at joins (that can be covered with the opening in the base of the singing bowl), this singing bowl is the choice to make!
  • This baseless singing bowl is characterized by its free vibrational behaviour
  • The vibration spreads concentrically as well as eccentrically
  • It is unique in facilitating an in-depth, spiral, endogenous experience of vibration
  • Ø approx. 21 - 22 cm, height approx. 8 cm
  • This joints bowl has a weight of about 900 g
  • Because of its particular design, this singing bowl develops an outstandingly intense relaxing vibration that are inwards-bound
  • The opening in the centre of the base of this bowl allows for ideal placement on knees, shoulders, elbows, feet and heels
  • This singing bowl is made of 12 metals
  • Mallet recommendations: Felt mallet phFS-2h / phFS-2w

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