Peter Hess Sound box for children

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Kids Sound BoxConsists Of:

  • 3x Peter Hess® 4kids quality singing bowls: The weights of the singing bowls may differ slightly from the standard sizes: Joint cup, small heart shell, small pelvis shell
  • Mallets / clappers: Children's double-headed mallets with soft and hard felt head, rubbing cloth KL5L
  • Books, information material and other accessories:
  • 3x Singing bowl bags for safe storage and usable as coasters
  • Book: Klang und Klangmassage in der Pädagogik
  • Book: Klangschalen mit allen Sinnen spielen und lernen
  • DVD to the book: Klangschalen mit allen Sinnen spielen und lernen
  • High-quality wooden box with recessed grips and lid
  • This set includes everything pedagogical professionals and children need to get to know the wonderful singing bowls and their creative uses
  • The attached literature gives sufficient information as well as many suggestions and practical examples of promotional games
  • Delivered in a high-quality wooden box 34 x 34 x 27 cm with removable lid


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