PPV Medien Cubase Composers Guide

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Composition Manual for Cubase

  • By Holger Steinbrink and Gunther Geri
  • Whether you develop your own ideas or implement the ideas of others: every Cubase user is composer, songwriter and producer in one way or another
  • The "Cubase Composers Guide" provides comprehensive knowledge for this creative work
  • With the help of sample production on enclosed CD-ROM all the knowledge is immediately applicable
  • The peculiarities of electronic dance music is dedicated to an extensive special
  • The authors show in detail how to approach a new idea and how the first song fragment quickly creates a framework
  • Optimal drum programming
  • Select instruments in context
  • An indispensable guide for anyone who wants to implement their own ideas with Cubase
  • 4th edition 2015
  • Currently for Cubase 7 and 8
  • With complete example production on CD
  • ISBN 978-3-95512-104-4
  • 287 pages
  • In German language

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