Rob Papen XY-Transfer

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Multi-Effect Plug-In

  • Modular effect plug-in with 3 effect blocks and stereo delay
  • Flexible interconnection of the effect blocks
  • XY pad per block for parameter control with the mouse and recording
  • Function for use as a two-dimensional LFO
  • Available block effects: Filter with 36 different types
  • Comb filter
  • Shaper with ring, frequency, phase and amplitude modulation as well as lo-fi effect
  • Room with algorithm from RP-VERB 2
  • Gater with 16-step sequencer for volume and panorama
  • Stereo delay with flexible placement in the signal path
  • Volume follower for triggering and modulating
  • 4-Slot modulation matrix

Asystent sprzedaży: Studio/Synt/Komputer

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