Sandner Soprano 80 Solo Cb Black

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The Magic FluteThe key-less metal flute of the highest precision and clarity!

The first purely cylindrical flute in the world with a range of around three octaves and the characteristics of a concert flute.

The full, pure tone of the basic notes and the octave notes, as well as the well-balanced tuning enable the excellent interaction with other instruments Sandner flutes are known for. The mouthpieces of different sizes have been optimised with the result of an unlikely easy response.

  • In Ces
  • High gloss nickel-plated
  • Mostly handcrafted
  • As with concert flutes the finger holes are drawn from their own material and the white plastic rings are put in subsequently
  • Elegant appearance!
  • Very easy response
  • All Sandner flutes are supplied with adjustable stopper, which allows an individual tuning of the flute.
  • Included in the price at Sandner is an elegant and practical plastic quiver case

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Asystent sprzedaży: Instrumenty dęte

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