Tama STAR Drum Bubinga SBM

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Drum Shell Set

  • Star Drum Bubinga series
  • Chrome shell hardware
  • Material: Bubinga
  • All shells in bubinga wood with 4.5 mm - 5 layers bubinga + 1 inner layer and 1 outer layer Cordia wood
  • All Star bubinga shells come with 9 mm Sound Focus Ring (SFR), which creates a very clear sound resonance and a warm, round sound character
  • Special bearing edge with 3.5 mm position to the outer layer for an optimal drum head fit
  • Hand-oiled inner layers / bearing edges of each shell
  • Newly reworked tom tom suspension system, Super Resonant Mounting System, with new "Quick-Lock" tom brackets
  • Floor tom legs with soft, rotating rubber tip construction
  • Bass drum legs with large-sized rubber tips and 2-way adjustment
  • Hardware lugs and bass drum clamps with minimal shell contact
  • All tom shells with cast hoops
  • Batter heads on tom toms and floor tom: Remo Coated Ambassador
  • Resonant heads on tom toms and floor tom: Remo Clear Ambassador
  • Bass drum batter head: Remo Coated Powerstroke 3
  • Bass drum resonant head: Remo Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 Diplomat
  • Colour: Satin Blue Metallic (SBM)

Shell set comprises:

  • 22" x 14" Bass drum (hoop in natural / brown)
  • 12" x 08" Tom tom
  • 16" x 14" Floor tom

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