Vibrass Lip Massage Trainer

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Lip Massage Device

VIBRASS is a completely new type of lip massage device for brass and double-tube blowers. The lips are gently massaged by the vibrating mouthpiece. The massage effect improves the blood circulation of the lips. The device supports relaxation and regeneration after a concert, or after practicing.

Painful or even numb lips are a thing of the past. Even after very demanding programs, after a short lip massage, music can be played again easily. The regeneration time is shortened. VIBRASS is also very suitable for warming up before playing.

VIBRASS is a device for the personal comfort of musicians. Vibrass is suitable for all brass and double-tube blowers. Each mouthpiece can be used easily. The VIBRASS lip massage device is used to massage the musician's lips and intensify blood circulation. This device can prove useful for professionals, beginners and hobby musicians alike.

With the VIBRASS lip massage device, the musician saves the enduring low notes after a concert because its application achieves the same kind of blood circulation. The application of the device thus results in saving a considerable amount of time and energy. In order to not to cause the lips to swell excessively, the device should only be used for about two minutes before playing.

  • For all brass and double-tube blowers
  • Infinitely adjustable rotary switch
  • A vibrating weight is attached to the motor shaft, causing the conical horn / trumpet / trumpet / baritone and tuba adapter to vibrate
  • Plastic casing
  • Incl. Adapter set

  • Note: Mouthpiece not included!

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