Yamaha YEB-321 Eb-Tuba

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Eb Tuba

Yamaha's Intermediate series are designed by the same team that produces the Yamaha Custom series. Therefore, many quality features of the two series are the same. The Yamaha Intermediate Tubes have features such as a full and warm tone, accurate intonation, and versatility in the use of the instruments. They are used as solo instruments, but also in ensembles. In addition, these tubes offer easy playability and are preferred by beginners and advanced players. The YEB-321 has a strong, warm tone, is easy to play and its intonation is excellent.

  • 4 Périnet valves arranged side by side
  • Top action
  • Bell: 386 mm (15-1 / 4")
  • Bore: 17.5 to 18.5 mm (0.689 - .728")
  • Height: 89 cm
  • Finish: Clear lacquer
  • Incl. 66D4 mouthpiece and case


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