One of the (if not THE) greatest entry-level studio microphone

Audio Technica has been around for some time as one of the best microphone manufacturing companies. They even have been responsible for the Grammy Awards for over 10 years supplying top grade microphones for the event.

This one in particular, shares the manufacturing quality of any standard microphone, for whatever applications from vocals to acoustic instruments. If you are starting a youtube account and need to do some commentary/voice-overs, recording your own songs, sessions and podcasts, you can't go wrong with this cheap yet professional microphone from Audio Techinca. The AT2020 stands its ground when facing the competition and has been know to serve lots and lots of youtubers, home studios and radio stations. Clear, full bodied and very very silent, it needs almost no tweaking to get a good sound out of it. Once you step up the game, you'll be so amazed with what Audio Technica products can do as to the sound quality of your own recordings, that's you won't need to search any further to get the sound that you're looking for. If you're not much into professional audio recording, you can always opt for the USB version of this microphone specially made for popcasting, streaming and recording your next youtube video with the same high quality you expect from Audio Technica.