Bartolini BA 59J1 Set

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Pickup Set for 5-String BassThe Bartolinis have long since won the reputation of the insider's tip in the field of the bass pickups - which really makes them no longer unknown.

The BA 59J1 set is designed for 5 strings and offers full range sound. Although the pickups look like single coils, the Bartolinis are split coil pickups; unwanted noises is thus extinguished. The bridge-located pickup delivers more bass and the neck-located pickup more treble than usual; a very broad, differentiated sound is therefore achieved - exactly what many modern bass players are looking for.

  • Full-range
  • Jazz bass split coils
  • Noiseless
  • Length neck-located pickup: 91 mm
  • Length bridge-located pickup: 95 mm

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