EMG 85 Brushed Chrome

€ 111 Incluíndo IVA, portes de envio adicionais
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Detalhes do produto

Pickup for Electric Guitar

  • Active humbucker
  • For the neck position
  • Output: Medium
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Often used in the neck position and paired with an EMG 81 as a bridge pickup, but also sounds great as a bridge pickup itself
  • String spacing: Universal
  • Connectors: Solderless
  • Magnetic material: Alnico 5
  • Cap colour: Brushed chrome
  • Made in USA

With EMG's exclusive solderless installation system, comprising:

  • 25k volume potentiometer & 25k tone potentiometer (standard shaft: 9.5 mm thread length)
  • Battery bus
  • Stereo output jack
  • Two pickup in/out bus
  • Mounting screws and springs
  • Audio cable
  • 2x Connection cables
  • Output cable
  • Battery cable

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