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EMG SLVX Set BK; Active Pickup Set for Electric Guitar; Positions: Bridge, Middle & Neck; Construction: Noiseless Single Coils; Output: Medium; Steve Lukather Signature Model; takes the increased coil windings and the hidden Pole Pieces of the SLV and adds the X series preamp for more dynamic range while keeping the traditional string-to-string balance of the SLV; The result is a noiseless single coil guitar pickup with increased headroom and pole pieces closer to the individual strings for more output and a punchier attack; Wiring: Solderless, Cover Colour: Black; Included: EMG's Solderless Install System: 1 x 25k volume pot (shaft length: 9,5 mm), 2 x 25k tone pot (shaft length: 9,5 mm), 1 x stereo output jack, 1 x 5-way selector switch,3 pairs of mounting screws and springs, 3 x pickup cables, 3 x connect cables, 1 x output cable & 1 x battery cable; Made in USA

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