Fender Custom Shop Texas Special

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Detalhes do produto

Pickup Set for Electric Guitar

  • 2 Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele single coils
  • For bridge and neck position
  • Bridge pickup: Resistance 10.5 kOhm / Inductance 3.95 Henries
  • Neck pickup: Resistance 9.5 kOhm / Inductance 3.3 Henries
  • Loud Tele-Twang, which convincingly delivers both fat, slightly distorted and harder distorted sounds
  • The bridge pickup features the obligatory copper-plated steel base plate, which provides scorching output, presence and mids
  • Fender recommends these pickups for their 4-way pickup circuit, which allows for serial and parallel operation of both pickups
  • Bridge pickup: Black, without cap
  • Neck pickup: Chrome cap

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