Fortin Blade Boost

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Fortin Blade Boost; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar; Whitechapel Signature Pedal, a custom-designed boost to allow any metal player to sculpt and find their perfect tone, developed with the Whitechapel guitarrists closely with guitarists Zach Householder, Alex Wade, and Ben Savage; Controls: Deep, Cut, Saw; LED: Effect On; Footswitches: Effect Bypass; Connections: Input (1/4" Jack), Output (1/4" Jack), ; Power Supply connector: Barrel Connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, center negative; Current Draw: 25 mA; powered by a 9 V DC Power Supply (not included); suitable optional Power Supply: Item no. #409939; no Battery operation; Dimensions (W x D x H): 60 x 112 x 27 mm (2,38" x 4,4" x 1,06"); Weight: 360 g (0,79 lbs); Made in Canada


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