Musikverlag Preissler Musizieren Auf Der Maultrommel

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Music Book

  • By Fritz and Helmuth Mayr: Introduction to the world of playing the Jew's harp
  • Techniques and history of the instrument
  • The origin of the Jew's harp
  • A simple instrument full of surprises
  • The mouth is our resonant body
  • The first "random sounds"
  • Basic tone and overtones
  • The first melodies
  • Effects on the Jew's harp - staccato, portato, legato
  • "Panting", the game with breathing
  • Popular effects on the Jew's harp, e.g. with "La, la, la"
  • Booiing, Biioong - another Jew's harp effect
  • Jew's harp on 2 instruments
  • Further music examples for 2 Jew's harps
  • Making music on 4 Jew's harps
  • The Jew's harp is common in many countries around the world
  • The Jew's harp as an alpine folk instrument
  • The Jew's harp as a "serenade instrument"
  • Famous Jew's harp soloists
  • Written in German language

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