Pyramid Nickel Classics Regular010-046

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Guitar String Set

Pyramid Nickel Classic strings are made with meticulous care and with selected materials. The special feature of this product is the round core wire of the wrapped strings. Normal strings have hexagonal (hexagonal) core wires, which simplify production and reduce manufacturing costs.

Round core wires, on the other hand, must be wound with the utmost care in order to ensure uniform pressure of the nickel wire. The extra cost is worth it.

The PYRAMID Nickel Classic strings have a significantly improved vibration response, resulting in a very long sustain of the string (sustain) and a consistent tone development.

Important: The wound strings cannot be simply cut because the nickel round wound would unravel immediately. First twist the string sharply and then cut the string behind the bend.

  • Pure nickel
  • Gauges: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046
  • Round core wire with pure nickel wrap
  • Improved vibration behavior

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