Sabian 16" AAX O-Zone Crash

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16" Crash Cymbal

As the newest effect cymbals from the AAX series, SABIAN presents its splash and crash cymbals in "O-Zone" design. For the first time, SABIAN has applied the popular concept known from the HHX Evolution series to the AAX series, a prize-winning series praised by international press.

With its fast response, biting sound, and fast fade, the new models are the "non-plus-ultra" in terms of effect cymbals. While regular AAX cymbals are tonally more in the mid-to-upper part of the spectrum, the exclusive design adds some darker sounds.

The splash cymbals are each provided with 6 holes of 1 inch each, the 18" crash with 6 holes of 1 ½ inches each. The 18" and 20" crashes are each provided with 8 holes of 1 ½ inches each. The reduction of the B20 metal not only causes a reduction in weight, but also contributes significantly to the sound properties.

The O-Zone Splashes are available exclusively with natural finish, the crashes with brilliant finish. All AAX series cymbals are hand hammered and made from SABIAN's B20 Bronze.

  • AAX O-Zone model
  • Brilliant finish
  • Multi-hole O-Zone design
  • Thin and extremely responsive
  • Fine, cleare and full-bodied sound in all volumes

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