Schott Die Fröhliche Klarinette 2

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School for Clarinet

Note: The book is written in German

  • Volume 2
  • Rudolf Mauz
  • Clarinette school for the early start (German system and Boehm system)
  • Starting at 8 years
  • Revised edition
  • With chord diagrams for both systems
  • ISBN 978-3-7957-4774-9
  • In German
  • 96 Pages

From the contents:

  • Increasing the tonal range to c'''
  • Improves the dynamic
  • Scales and triads to 3# and 3b
  • Steady increase in the level of difficulty
  • Melodies, duets and exercises
  • Tips for improvising and composing
  • Accompanying text, information, images and illustrations

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