SPL MixDream XP

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High quality analog summation

The MixDream XP is exclusively for the high-quality summation of 16 to 2 channels. Without the elaborate insertions and processing steps of the big brother, the price and the space requirement (1 UU) are considerably reduced while the summing stages are identical. The fully discrete signal paths of the active summator run in Class A mode at 60V operating voltage. The maximum output voltage of +27 dBu as well as a noise voltage of -97 dB results in a dynamics gain of 124 dB.

The operating functions provide a mono circuit for all eight channel pairs, the output level can be processed either 1: 1 (unity gain) or adjusted via the output controller become. Two eight-channel SubD25 sockets are used as inputs, the parallel-connected master and monitor outputs, as well as the expansion output, are designed as XLR sockets.

  • Size 19 "rack format with only one RU
  • High-quality design with Class-A / 60V stages for the analog, active summation in the quality of the best analogue consoles
  • Summation of all analog tracks before A / D conversion
  • Latency-free listening
  • Channel number can be expanded as required by additional units
  • Own differential amplifiers for each input

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