U-Trainer U-Trainer Woodwind

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Embouchure trainer for woodwinds

The embouchure to woodwinds is formed and held by the oral ring musculature (musculus orbicu laris oris). Woodwind players can lose sensitivity and power during longer rehearsals and exercise sessions due to fatigue in the embouchure muscles. The consequences are a decrease in the sound quality, intonation problems and an associated slightly painful feeling. This problematic condition is the result of overstrained neck muscles. Since the requirements for the muscles are particularly high, they should be trained specifically. Such training is offered by this embouchure trainer. Daily training strengthens the oral ring muscles and improves performance.

  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Fits the corners of the mouth optimally, no uncomfortable feeling of pressure even during intensive training
  • The O-ring technology allows the resistance to be adjusted manually and the training intensity to be increased
  • Washable
  • Can be re-greased with tension grease
  • Dermatologically-friendly materials

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