Universal Audio 6176

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Detalhes do produto

High quality channel strip

  • With the 610B tube microphone preamp and the legendary 1176LN compressor
  • Microphone and instrument preamp with tube technology
  • Variable setting of gain and output level
  • Several input impedances can be selected
  • Very low-noise signal processing
  • Two-band equalizer, each with three fixed frequency ranges for desired cuts and boosts
  • Selectable -15 dB pad
  • Mono version of the well-known 1176LN vintage limiter / compressor classic
  • Extremely fast attack times: From 20-800 microseconds is possible
  • Dimensions: 19" / 2U
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

Contacto: Estúdio/Synth/Computer

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