Zero 88 Chilli Pro 1210i

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Zero 88 Chilli Pro 1210i; 0011-000013-00; Installation dimmer; Terminal strip 12 x 10 A; Single Pole Neutral Disconnect breakers per channel; Lockable front cover; 100% Duty Cycle, convection cooled; Automatic frequency tracking; Simple user interface; 4 dimmer laws selectable per channel; Topset per channel; DMX addressing per circle; Preheat per channel; Variable level channel test; Zone assignment for architectural lighting applications; 120 memories (12 memories per zone); 3 sequences with 99 steps; Control via DMX 512 and ChilliNet; Interface for alarm switching (e.g. for fire alarm systems); Built in, switchable, DMX line termination; DMX interface via terminal strip; Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards; Dimensions: 850 x 325 x 155 mm; Weight: 18.0 kg